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We started working with Edie because we desperately needed help with one of our two dogs. This dog had gotten herself into serious trouble with other dogs and we were beside ourselves over what we could do regarding the situation and whether or not our family could continue to have a dog with "issues" at home, considering the liability that she presents. I spoke to Edie several times on the phone before we even met  with her in person, and it's because of those phone calls and her support and encouragement that we still have our dog today!  We started working with Edie on training our dogs and have followed through on all of our lessons and continue to work with our pups.  Both of our dogs just love Edie and we have made so much progress with both of them and know that we will continue this forever more.  What I love about Edie is that she is a very positive person and she doesn't allow much room for negativity in thought,   and she only uses positive methods to teach the dogs the correct behaviors.  We are always moving forward!   I am certain that our family (human and canine) would be very different now had we not consulted Edie's help with our dog.  With her help and support and follow through, what might have turned to tragedy has been an educational, learning and bonding experience for the entire family. We love our dogs and have been lucky so far, because our family, canine and human is still intact. Our work with our dogs is not done, and probably will go on for the rest of our lives together, but with the tools Edie is providing us we are more prepared and more knowledgeable than we were before.   So, we hope to continue on, on a positive stride with continued training and conscious efforts to better train our dogs and ourselves, to the benefit of all. I give Edie tremendous thanks for this! 

-Nancy L., Richmond, VA

Ever wonder how the professional dog trainers you send your best friend off to to train do it? Well, now we can tell you! Edie Larson. Hounds in Hand.

After searching the "Doggie Boot Camps" and the big box stores for basic obedience we contacted FLAG and spoke with them for a suggestion. After all, that is where we found Sassy, our Rottweiler/Weimaraner-Bloodhound Mix! Hounds in Hand was recommended and we are greatly pleased. Edie Larson arrived on time for all scheduled appointments and during each instance worked until satisfaction was obtained for that particular lesson. Working with Edie, In Our Own Home, has provided us the tools to properly instruct our dog ourselves. Confidence to give proper, understanding commands to Sassy developed into fun, interaction building a bond and respect that works between master and pet. We found that not only commands but also ones response to your pet is instrumental in their behavioral development.

We wholeheartedly advise that a call to Edie Larson, Hounds in Hand, will go a long way to help you be a better master and your pet a happier, well adjusted, respectful best friend.

R. and L. Jamerson, Powhatan, VA

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